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CNPTlaw has more than 10 years of experience for dealing with IP matters in China, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

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The Experienced IP Team

CNPTLaw has been providing Intellectual property services, including trademark, patent, copyright services for over 14 years in mainland China. The level of professionalism exhibited by CTNTPlaw is beyond your refute. Five major departments,  which consist of 5 major teams, i.e. trademark team, patent team, copyright team, customs team and legal team, are separately operated by professional specialized attorneys, but closely cooperated and related to each in CNPTlaw.

CNPTlaw is the best choice for IP protection.

Our Practice Areas

·Chemistry and Biology

The analysts in our Chemistry and Biology team are familiar with STN and GenomeQuest. They use NIH, NCBI, USDA, FDA databases on a daily basis. Those specialized databases, when used with LZ Innovation’s professional search and analytics methodology, can yield great work. Our expertise covers food industry, new material, pharmaceutics, DNA and Protein sequence search, molecular structure search, polymers, herbicides, petrochemistry and compounds.

·Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical analysts are masters in all mechanical areas including medical devices. They are specialized in study catalogs, manuals, instructions, webpages and industry standards. We have project experience in powertrain, new energy vehicle, equipment in petro-industry, rail transportation system including high speed rail, vehicle design, automation system, turbojet, assembly line equipment, commercial hardware including portable tools, wearable sensors, implantable stent, clinical supplies and all kinds of clinical image systems.

·Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering team are good at the technologies of smart grid, batteries, solar energy, semiconductors, memories, integrated circuit, FETs (MOSFET,FinFET), microelectronics (ie. MEMs), LED/OLED, optical system, photoelectric system (laser, CCD), electrical component of commercial appliances and nanotechnology. We emphasize research periodic databases beside patent documents.

We have analysts specialized in electrical communication who are able to utilize industry databases and standards. They further knows sensors, local area network, 4G/5G, signal filtration, audio processing, position technology, remote monitoring, optical communication, firewalls and routing protocols.

·Computer Technology

The computer team are experienced in hardware and software technology search. They also search and analyze business methods. They specialized areas are cloud technology, drones and navigation, VR, automated financial transaction, internet software, next generation mobile payment, identification and encryption including fingerprint verification, information safety, internet control.

Providing Standards

Our clients are from USA, UK, France, Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore, India, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and so on. They choose CNPTlaw because:

We care

Except fulfilling the client’s common requirements on IP matters, we will also provide long-term extra analysis service and advice to them for free.

We're knowledgeable

Our lawyers have more than 5 years’ experience in related fields. They are proficient with laws and provide services of search, application, analysis, infringement investigation, making appearance in court and so on.

We know more about China

As a Chinese IP law firm, we are familiar with the legal environment in China, and we have good and accessible channel to communicate with the government departments/offices in charge of IP matters.

We're reputable

Providing IP services in China for more than 14 years, we received no complaint from our foreign clients and no penalty from the government.

Our social activities

As a strategic cooperative member with the Legal Service Center of China Cross-Border E-Commerce Committee (CCBE), CNPTlaw provides consultation and other services for overseas IP matters for Chinese foreign trade companies. So we not only help foreign companies with IP matters (trademark, patent etc) in China, but also have served for more than 10,000 Chinese companies for overseas IP consultation.